The Bulwark is an American anti-Trump conservative news and opinion website launched in 2018. In this episode on their podcast, George Conway Explains It All, George and Sarah Longwell break down the Supreme Court immunity decision. Lawrence Hurley, who covers the Supreme Court for NBC, discusses implications upon future presidents.

This is a deeper dive into the recent immunity ruling. Longwell, a Republican, is the founder of Republican Voters Against Trump (now the Republican Accountability Project). Conway, lawyer and activist and former Republican, has been an Independent since 2018. Included in the discussion, are two charts that help explain the decision.

From Lawrence Hurley: “John Malcolm, vice president of the conservative Heritage Foundation’s Institute for Constitutional Government, praised the ruling, saying presidents should not be second-guessed for making snap decisions under pressure. ‘I don’t think that, for the most part, we elect mobsters and gang members as presidents,’ he added. ‘Most of them are honorable people.

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