Rowan County Democrats are excited to announce the following Democratic candidates are running for Rowan County Commissioners and seats in the NC General Assembly.

The 2 Democratic candidates running for the 2 open Rowan County Commissioner seats are:

  • Rowan County Commissioner  –  Shameka Jackson   

Shameka’s multifaceted background, spanning healthcare, entrepreneurship, and community service, uniquely positions her to address the diverse needs of Rowan County. Her campaign centers on fostering unity, empowering the community, and creating opportunities for every resident.

  • Rowan County Commissioner – Alissa Redmond   

My priority as commissioner is to welcome and encourage economic development. Rowan County is uniquely positioned with the majority of available land along the I-85 corridor between Charlotte and Greensboro/Winston-Salem corridor, presenting vast opportunities for development.

With experience connecting with global industry leaders as a diplomat, I appreciate seeking outside opportunities to fuel growth here at home. But I also understand the vital importance of investing in our own grassroots, as small business owners pay local taxes while their money circulates more actively in our community than money spent online or with large corporations. I am comfortable speaking with industry leaders from here or overseas in order to build a stronger economy for our county.

You will elect 1 candidate for the NC Senate.

  • NC Senate District 33 – Tangela Morgan   

“I am the product of public schools. I had amazing educators who poured into me and made sure I had opportunities and experiences I would not have had otherwise. As an educator and parent, the state of our public school system is of great concern to me. I am grateful that my colleagues believe in me and trust me to fight for our profession and our students.”

Rowan County falls into 3 different NC House Districts – You will elect 1 candidate for the district where you live.

  • NC House District  76 – Alisha Byrd-Clark      

Alisha Byrd-Clark is a passionate political candidate with a proven track record of serving her community. Alisha has extensive experience championing causes related to education, healthcare, sustainable development, and youth. ​

Her goal is to create a North Carolina that builds bridges, not walls, fostering relationships, and ensuring everyone is seen, heard, and empowered to thrive.​This campaign is a collective effort, not just hers alone; it belongs to everyone who calls Rowan County home. Alisha is not merely seeking votes; she is seeking partnerships in progress.

  • NC House District  83 – Joanne Chesley

Joanne Chesley, Ed. D., is a retired Educator with 42 years of broad experiences primarily in the field of Education. These experiences include classroom teaching (K-12 and adult), school administration, undergrad teaching, graduate school teaching; community television production; retail banking, serving as a Principal Coach (post-retirement).

US Congressional House District 6, that includes part of Rowan County, has a write-in campaign for our Democratic candidate.

Anduin (Andy) Craighill-Middleton has more than a decade of volunteer work behind him, working in advocacy for LGBTQ+ rights and politics. As the former Third Vice-Chair for the Rowan County Democratic Party, precinct vice-chair, and president of the Young Democrats of Rowan-Cabarrus, he looks forward to representing District 6 with a focus on transparency, listening, and strong support for expanded mental health services, LGBTQ+ rights, and finding ways to support the working class that may not yet have been seriously explored by Congress. His is a community effort led by young Democrats in multiple counties and seeks to give hope to marginalized groups within North Carolina.