Rowan County Democratic Party Chair Geoffrey Hoy’s response to the 6/27/24 Presidential Debate and the plan ahead for RCDP.

Dear Friends,

Here is my response as Party Chair to the Presidential Debate.

I was disappointed. This was not the Joe Biden I expected. His performance on stage certainly did not reflect his JOB performance. Personally, I rate job performance as more important than stage performance!

It was the Trump I expected. Over 50 verifiable LIES! He “performed well” except for the fact that he dodged question after question and told lie after lie.


I want to emphasize the WE. WE can and must ACT to support democracy and our Democratic Values of caring for and serving all people!


  • Our work to secure our Democratic future will continue with door to door canvassing on Saturday, July 13 following our monthly breakfast. We will begin with training at 11:30 led by Mackenzie ReedyBacon, our NCDP staff person, and then canvass till 2 or 2:30. We welcome all Democrats and progressive Unaffiliated persons to join with us. Please leave a message of your willingness to help at  [email protected]
  • Sign up to make phone calls.
  • Donate money to candidates and our local party.
  • Speak up to neighbors, friends, family, co-workers.
  • Campaign like our lives depended on it. Because, our lives, the lives of our loved ones and the future of our country DOES depend on it!

I look forward to seeing YOU in ACTION!
Peace, Geoffrey