Beau of the Fifth Column encapsulates the news into a brief opinion that asks the watcher to consider important questions. Here are four short videos for contemplating the recent SCOTUS rulings. Beau, who lives in rural Florida, brings a viewpoint that may resonate with voters in Rowan County.

Let’s talk about King Biden embracing his villain arc.… Immunity, not authority. What is the concern? There is no magical procedure. The United States now requires advanced citizenship.

Let’s talk about Trump, SCOTUS, and the immunity decision…. “I am not known for hyperbole. This (Judge Sotomayor’s dissent) isn’t scary enough. Everything changed today. I beg you to read the dissents.”

Read more from Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s dissent here:

Let’s talk about politics, SCOTUS, and immunity…. Has SCOTUS created a campaign issue, one that is suddenly the only one that matters? Who do we trust to hold presidential office with almost unfettered power? “This is something the American voter must understand.”

Let’s talk about SCOTUS, Chevron, and the GOP catching the car again…. Another reminder of why elections matter. The Supreme Court handed down yet another disturbing decision that promises a devastating effect on our governmental regulation norms. With the Chevron ruling, has the GOP caught the car again?

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